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Criminal Court is a Labyrinth. You Need a Guide.

“My dream, for as long as I remember, has been to be a criminal defense attorney. Being accused of a crime can be a terrifying experience, and my goal is to make that uncertain time more tolerable. I tell my clients the truth, and I give the best guidance I can to get them through the maze that we call the justice system. I’m no stranger to the courtroom either – I consider it my office. Eloquence Law will be your shield against the system, and we will work hard to get you the results you are looking for, whether that be reached through skillful negotiation, or through the adversarial battle of jury trial.

My cases have ran the gamut of the criminal court system, covering everything from infractions and simple misdemeanors to violent felonies and strike offenses. I have gotten not guilty verdicts for my clients at all of those levels. I treat every criminal charge against my clients seriously. Whether it be a day or a decade, your liberty is important to me. I will fight for your freedom.”

— Bret M. Woody, Eloquence Law


Traffic tickets not only carry the risk of increasing your auto insurance, but if you get enough of them, you could risk losing your license. You can keep them off your record by hiring Bret Woody. Bret’s keen understanding of the courts and the law allow him to analyze the facts of your situation and get you the best possible result, ranging from resolutions that won’t impact your driving record or straight dismissals of the infraction altogether.