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Two little letters can be put on you, and your life can change forever. D. V. Even saying the words domestic violence evokes an image of a man with his hand cocked back and a woman cowering in fear. These two letters can affect your future employment, your future housing, your right to remain in the country, your right to possess a firearm, and your right to be free. Every place of employment that you look for, every job that you apply for, every time your background is run – those two letters will come up.

The truth is, most domestic violence cases don’t involve physical confrontation between partners. Most of these cases stem from a simple misunderstanding, or from voices growing too loud. Many of these cases don’t involve partners at all; sometimes it’s a parent/child relationship, or even siblings. Some of these cases do involve partner violence. In Washington State, they are treated the exact same way. When police show up to your house on a domestic violence call – somebody is going to jail. They will determine who they believe the aggressor is, and you’re locked up. No bail. No nothing. You sit until you see a judge.

Once you do see that judge, you will realize that you are no longer allowed to speak to the “victim,” whether they want it or not. You are no longer allowed to go to their home, even if it’s the home that you pay for, or the one that you own. Without a strong advocate on your team, you start this process from deep in a hole, and many people can never dig their way out of it. Hiring an attorney who is adept at navigating all of these challenges is key. Bret Woody has extensive experience handling domestic violence cases, and he will work every angle to achieve the results you’re looking for. Don’t let an argument end in homelessness – Get Bret.