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Other Crimes of Violence


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Crimes of violence are a term of art that refer to a specific class of some of the most serious felonies in Washington. If you are charged with crimes of violence, you are likely looking at significant time in jail or prison. If you are accused of a crime of violence, you need to hire a defense attorney to start an investigation to question the accusations and poke holes into the State’s case.

A felony charge can put you away for the rest of your life. If police begin asking questions, even if you are innocent, especially if you are innocent, call an attorney. You aren’t going to be asked “your side of the story.” You are going to be asked questions in a way that can take you away from your loved ones for years.

Not all felonies involve violence. Sometimes these are crimes that can even be looked at as victimless. There is always a victim though, and if you aren’t careful, the victim can be you. These types of crimes are still big money to the court system, and the wheels keep turning when you are arrested and put in the system. Do not become a cog in the prison industrial complex. Get a professional attorney on your side. Get Bret.

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